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Updated: May 4, 2023

Ok, we don't have a request line in the traditional sense, I can remember the days of a request line. Way back in 1987 when I started in radio we had one, we even locked up the phone company at times due to the many callers trying to get in. Of course this was when we had multiple DJ's on air all day every day. Fast forward to today and the computer is mostly responsible for playing the eclectic rock with a twist (albeit with some setup help from us humans)

Even if we had a live DJ on the air they would have their own smartphone, twitter handle, etc. They would probably just say tweet me at...

With all of that considered we do have a way to send your request in, or to send us a comment, or let us know whatever you need to.

Well that is not entirely true, we have at least two ways to join in the fun here at

(1) You can send us a text, I say us, it really comes to an app on my smartphone. Then I can respond appropriately and provide world class service for your message. Yes, you can also send a request and I will do my best to play your song. You can click here to get the app and send the text from there!

(2) Shout at You can record your shout out message, shout out to your friends, where your from, how much you love us, etc You can record your message on our website here or on the app We will rotate your message throughout the day on

So text us or make a recording of your shout out on the "SLYLINES", maybe not quite like that, but you get the point....right?

Thanks for Listening,


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