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Contrary to popular belief, a Microphone won't bite you.

I can recall many a time during remote broadcast the DJ would try to get people to talk on the radio, you would think the mic had deadly jaws protruding out. Most people would run for their lives! With the launch of we have had the option for anyone to guest DJ for one hour, however we have not had any takers? Is it the price?, well we all know money is tight, so maybe that's part of it? I personally think that many people are mic shy. So I would like to reassure everyone that we will do everything to make your guest DJ spot on very easy and on top of that we will not air your segments until they sound perfect and you are happy with them. We will always send your segments back to you for final approval so your radio star can shine as bright as possible. When it comes to the price we are cutting it down to a cool $99 for your SLYROCK Block Guest DJ Hour!! This great price may not last long so get yours today!

SLYROCK Block preview video

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