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Eclectic Rock with a Twist

Upon purchasing a SLYROCK BLOCK you unconditionally agree to the following Terms of Service.


  1. You agree that you are at least 18 years of age or have a parent or guardians permission to participate in a SLY ROCK BLOCK.

  2. A SLY ROCK BLOCK consist of recording your audio segments at and having said segments inserted into a purchased SLY ROCK BLOCK hour as a guest on air personality (DJ). Your purchase of a SLY ROCK BLOCK does not imply any kind of employment with WSLY Radio and Grantell Broadcasting, LLC.

  3. Your voice message segments must be rated G and suitable for all audiences, we reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. We will refund any service that we have to refuse.

  4. We will provide you will a sample script that you may use as needed, you are welcome to ad lib your voice segments, common things to mention could be your first name, social media accounts, shout outs to family and friends, etc. We only require that you end each segment with ‘on’ We can not allow any promotion of other radio stations in a segment.

  5. A SLYROCK BLOCK is subject to availability and may only be available during certain days/times.

  6. Any recorded voice messages by you can be edited for content and used for future promotions on WSLY Radio -

  7. You agree that you are purchasing airtime on WSLY Radio that is to be used for self promotion as an individual and not for advertising as a business unless agreed upon before the execution on air. You agree that your voice recordings can also be used for promotional purposes currently and in the future on WSLY Radio –

  8. The airtime you purchase for a SLY ROCK BLOCK is up to 6 minutes for the said hour, this is 6 segments that can be no longer than 60 seconds each. You also have the right to pick 10 songs to play at stations discretion for the hour. The songs you pick must in house as part of the music library and due to time restrictions every song you pick may not play within your Rock Block Hour.


We thank you for your interest in a SLY ROCK BLOCK and hope you have a memorable and fun experience on WSLY Radio –




©2023 Grantell Broadcasting, LLC

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