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Social Media what?

Many of us remember the days when there were no cell phones, and we barely had the internet. Well things have changed and if you don't have a cell phone or should we say a smartphone and internet you are probably lost to whats going on in the world or even in your own neighborhood. With the New we are too hoping to grow our presence on the internet. To achieve this we need you help...Please. We are going to be posting things on Social Media more in the near future. We have a Facebook page, an Instagram, twitter account, we are even on Tik Tok. In addition to that we have a YouTube channel, and even this blog at So if you have any of these Social Media accounts please go to our pages and accounts. We have the same name on everything it is SLYROCKRADIO, like, share, subscribe, post, read, heck, even if you never look at them like us anyway, we need the support wherever and whenever! Thanks for listening and if you don't have the app you can get it here.

Here are the links to our Social Media Accounts @SLYROCKRADIO

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